SMARTECH BUSINESS SYSTEMS has a rich history as computer and business systems removalists, providing services to prominent Fortune 500 companies and SMEs.

Relocate your business seamlessly with minimal disruption to your business. You can have peace of mind knowing all of your software, hardware and IT infrastructure is in the safe hands of our relocation specialists, ready and working when you reach your new space.

The Secure Way to Relocate Your Business

We’ve worked with a variety of businesses and pride ourselves on our ability to get to know the needs of your business, and then customizing our Business Systems Relocation Services for maximum convenience. Our flexible options provide you with a one-stop service for a stress-free relocation.

Business Relocation


Project management

Smartech will provide dedicated project manager to ensure the smooth running of your office move. Planning and project management are the most essential aspects of successful business relocation.


Technical Services

Technology plays amajor role in business relocations. OurIT team workto ensure that your computer network and systems are operational in the shortest amount of time in your new location. All our IT installation services are conducted by our trained IT technician’s.


Logistics & Storage

Storage is part of relocation. We can store items for your business on a long term, seasonal or short-term basis. Goods are stored in our specialist “Business Packs” to ensure their security.



Booking your moving Insurance with us will ensure that your goods are covered in the occasion of them being damaged or lost. Insurance covers in transit and secure storage.

FAQ’s for Business Relocation

What does Smartech offer that differs from other companies?

Our equipment specifically designed for commercial packing and storage. We offer tailored methodology for commercial relocation, warehousing and installations to meet your needs.

Can you relocate specialized equipment?

We have large logistics networks across Asia and we are capable of handling all kind of relocations services including office relocation, data centers, warehouse, library, and schools.

How do transit insurance works?

We partner with a trusted insurance provider to offer you a sensible level of insurance for your belongings during the move. You pay only the bare cost of the insurance from the provider, and we do not make a profit or take a cut of this cost.

Which areas do you service?

We provide service in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Where can I get boxes?

We arrange boxes and packing supplies for moving job. If you wantto pack yourself you can purchase boxes, furniture covers, packing paper and all required material from us.

Do you Move IT Equipment?

Yes, our teams of packers and movers handle your desktop computers, phone equipment, TVs, photocopiers, server racks.

Do you dismantle the workstation?

Yes, our teams professionally carry out the dismantling and reassembly of your workstations and other furniture with proper tools and equipment’s.

How do you protect secure document?

We use Smartech barcode on each box of documents so you that it’s safe, secured and easy to track.

Can I move on weekend or after business hours?

Yes, we understand moving in business offers will affect your business operation’s and we can accommodate after hours relocation requests. Contact us today to get more information.

Do you have storage facilities?

Yes. We can pack and move your things into storage without a problem. This option can be especially useful when there is a period of time between your moving-out date, and your moving in-date.

About Us

SMARTECH BUSINESS SYSTEMS is a leading global technologies solutions provider enabling prominent Fortune 500 companies and SMEs to transform their service offerings through technology. We specialise in cutting-edge technologies partnering with our clients to navigate the complex world of technology and commerce.

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We pride ourselves on delivering technology and service excellence on behalf of our global partners. Our culture here is simple; we’re here to serve and nurture our customers, help our employees grow and deliver value to our stakeholders.

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