The Changing Face of the Workplace in 2020

Falling share prices, international travel bans and forced lockdowns are just some of the global issues changing the face of business in 2020. In just a few short months employees have had to consider alternate modes of travel, congregation and of course, work. With record numbers of employees working from home the face of the workplace is changing. It’s essential to include innovative solutions within your contingency plans.

In this week’s Industry Insights, we consider these challenges and subsequent solutions if your business is subject to work-from-home conditions.

  • Mail Delays | Print Mail and Communications

Various mail systems across Europe, Asia and the Middle East face additional delays for both inbound and outbound services due to limited flight availability, closures of various postal routes and in some cases additional disinfection measures. However, these delays do not eliminate the need to rely on print mail for important courier services, billing and more.

An automated Postage Meter (Franking Machine) can get your mail out FASTER minimising the impact of global mail delays in your important courier and communications systems. Automated sortation systems remove one facet of physical handling and can also allow for less face-to-face interactions.

An internal EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system is a great way for businesses to keep in contact with each other confidentially, and securely during times of limited postal services and strained travel routes. An EDI is an automated method for exchanging business documents. Information moves directly between two internal applications, limiting the use of a third party. Businesses use EDI to exchange documents such as contracts, payslips, purchase orders and more within supply chains and business-to-business networks.

  • Employee Productivity| Data Encryption and Application Development.

Encryption is essential for all work and productivity focused apps, databases, files and email systems. These protocols face added strains if employees continue to have to work from home.  Businesses store a plethora of sensitive data, making them a target for hackers and malicious users. Smartech offers full database encryption or column level data spoofing. Many facets of daily business operations, can only be accessed from physical business locations. This could prove to be challenging  if groups of employees are continuing to work from home.

Smartech’s Data Encryption protocol allows users to secure files and folders across Windows and Linux environments. The software is designed in a way that means users are not required to change their usual processes. In turn making the transition to working from home even easier. This provides a reliable and transparent encryption solution covering unstructured data on servers across a broad range of files, exports and backups.

Some schools and businesses have turned to Application Development, to facilitate meetings and lessons remotely. These can allow for large groups to simultaneously dial in, compare and share notes as well as submit documents. It’s easier in today’s world to build your dream app across all platforms, domains and devices. Tracking and monitoring employee activity can be established and maintained through an app created exclusively for your business’s internal operations.

  • Consistent Communication | SMS & Email Marketing

In March of 2020, Adweek reported  that we’ve entered “a period of unprecedented uncertainty for global advertising, which could mean a major shift for the industry” largely due the ongoing societal and economic impacts of COVID-19. As consumer confidence declines and business priorities shift,  it’s important to remind customers of your offerings, services and ongoing commitments.

Maintaining strong connections with your customer/client base can be achieved through a web messaging platform or portal. These platforms allow you to create, manage and track SMS Messaging campaigns,  focus groups and databases as well as facilitate rosters and reminders. Maintaining real-time communication with customers allows for the smooth transition of operations. Automising alerts, notifications and marketing campaigns is a great way to minimise face-to-face interactions.

Email Marketing Services function in a similar way, allowing you or your business to personalise creative communicative means, monitor performance and integrate messaging within pre-existing social media assets. It may or may not be possible for your business to maintain a physical phone line, if an office setup is compromised. Email systems, with reliable data encryption allow for consistent communications with customers across the globe, regardless of the workplace challenges each respective country is set to face.


Ensure your contingency plan sets you up for a proactive and productive approach to alternate working arrangements. 

Contact us today if your business finds itself considering or forced into work-from-home measures, requiring any of the above-mentioned services.

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