5 Questions to Ask Before Investing In a Mail Inserter

Mail inserter machines are a direct replacement for manual labour in mail rooms and a fantastic investment for businesses of all sizes. 

Inserter machines fold letters and insert documents into envelopes at incredible speeds and volumes. Postage can even be administered when paired with complementary franking machine and conveyor belt equipment, creating a total mailroom solution for maximum efficiency. Also known as enveloping machines, this solution polishes the mail insertion process while refining the presentation of your outgoing professional communication.

Each business will have their own unique mail creation and finishing requirements. Our expert team can recommend appropriate, cost-effective models through a review of your current operations, allowing you to build a better understanding your mailing requirements and expectations.

For your understanding, here are 5 factors our mailing experts at Smartech consider when recommending a folder inserter model for your business:


1. How many pieces of mail do I process per month?

Mail volume is just one factor when considering between models, which is why taking the time to build a thorough understanding of your current operations and future intentions is important. This figure should keep both sheets and inserts in mind.

Inserts are additional items added to the main mailing pieces that do not require folding. Examples of inserts include business cards, small advertising material, or return envelopes.

An additional sheet feeder is required to incorporate inserts so it’s definitely a good idea to consider your long term printing goals.

Businesses that see more complex mailing operations or significantly higher volumes of outgoing mail may also benefit from a Batch Counter. Batch Counters allow the user to control with precision when folding and inserting should stop.


2. How complex are my mail pieces?

If your mail pieces involve multiple sheets and configurations, you may want to consider a folder-inserter model with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Inserter models with AI are able to produce barcodes or optical marks (OMR) that instruct the inserter how many pieces to collate together before folding and then inserting into the envelope. Mid-range folder-inserter models also offer the flexibility to process multiple envelope sizes, paper sizes and fold types.


3. How do I keep track of my outgoing mail?

Besides scan marks and barcodes that can be counted, some folder-inserter models also provide users with management systems that record the path of mail through various processing machines, collecting statistical data on every run in real time. Operations metrics give you the power to monitor your automated mail center 24/7 and immediately bring to light any discrepancies or mechanical issues.

If calculating your outgoing mail and electronically tracking deliveries is important to you, be sure to inform your Smartech Sales Specialist, so that we are able to cater to your needs better.

However, if your outgoing mail requirements are unlikely to require in-depth tracking and analysis there are plenty of quality folder/inserters on the market without AI – this reducing costs significantly.


4. How much space does our office have to accommodate a solution?

Smartech offers folder-inserter models to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes – but as these machines increase in complexity, so to does the space they will take up in your office, mail room or warehouse. It’s important to ensure you have enough physical space for your new folder inserter machine to operate, and for operators to maneuver around safely and comfortably.

When calculating the required spacing for your new folder inserter, it’s important to remember that more complex inserter models often require operation from a dedicated team member.

For example, a folder and inserter with cycle speeds of over 3000 per hour and capacity of 300 sheets, such as the Pitney Bowes Relay 4500, carries dimensions of 1067 mm L x 533 mm W x 635 mm and weighs a significant 72kg. To ensure mail operations are safe, adequate room must be factored in for staff to operate the machine comfortably. Be sure to check the Workplace Health and Safety requirements in your region, to confirm any spacing requirements/regulations.


5. What is my budget?

Enveloping machines are a considerable but essential investment for mail-dependent businesses. Smartech Asia offers a range of flexible, case-by-case finance plans for our customers’ various needs. Enjoy the benefits of a folder inserter at a controlled cost, and experience machines before you commit to a purchase. For further rental  inquiries, or to arrange a demo session, please email us at sales@smartech-asia.com. Our inserter solutions are available in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong only. 

Smartech Business Systems intuitive Mailing and Production technology systems have been developed and fine-tuned by a team of expert engineers. We take time to understand your business needs so we can recommend the right solutions.

For more information, please visit our inserter catalogue: https://smartech-asia.com/smartech-product-category/desktop-inserters/  or contact us at sales@smartech-asia.com

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