Data Encryption

    In today’s digital age, the data that is not properly managed and secured becomes a liability to business

    “SMARTECH Business Systems is a global security solution provider for leading corporations, financial institutions, health providers and government agencies who need to protect the sensitive data they deal with. SMARTECH security solutions have helped the banking and finance industry in the encryption of their customer records and information including a personal identification number, name, addresses and social security numbers to by providing protection against digital threats.”

    Data Encryption for Businesses:

    Security is mission critical for businesses of all sizes as the explosion of malware, viruses, data hackers or even human mistakes continues to expand, why take a risk with your data security?

    Protecting your most sensitive data is our priority.

    SMARTECH Business Systems offer the complete business encryption portfolio that provides protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle.

     Where do you need the data encryption?

    • Application Encryption
    • Database Encryption
    • File encryption
    • Virtual machine encryption
    • Email Encryption
    • Tokenization

    Application Encryption:

     At SMARTECH, we provide you with the products to enable application encryption. With our solutions, application encrypts the sensitive data, so only authorized parties can read it.

    This application layer encryption method increases security by reducing the number of possible attack vectors.

    Our products provide an interface for key management operations, as well as application-level encryption of sensitive data. Once deployed, data is kept secure across its entire lifecycle, no matter where it is transferred, backed up, or copied.

    Our solution can be easily deployed into various infrastructure environments including physical, virtual, and cloud which helps to secure your data even in the case of migration from one environment to another.

    Database Encryption:

    Businesses store a lot of sensitive data in databases making them a target for hackers and malicious users.  SMARTECH offers full database encryption or column level data spoofing.

    Lacking security controls expose your business to fraud and database breaches.

    SMARTECH database encryption agent is able to encrypt any type of database without code change, impact to query types or performance impact and is able to provide consistent solution to multi-vendor databases, editions and versions such as Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, DB2, SAP Hana, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, Teradata, etc. running on Windows and Linux platforms.

    File Encryption:

    SMARTECH allows users to secure files and folders in a Windows or Linux environment. The software is designed so that end users do not need to change their behavior in order to secure their files and provides transparent and automated file-system level encryption of sensitive data in the distributed businesses.

    Our file encryption solution secures unstructured data on servers, such as credit card numbers, personal information, logs, passwords, configurations, and more in a broad range of files and includes word documents, database files, exports, and backups. File encryption can be deployed across laptop, desktop and public cloud.


    Virtual machine encryption:

    Businesses today face a progressively sophisticated set of pressures to the security of their sensitive data. When a business runs sensitive data on the virtual machine, the data needs to be secured through strong and auditable controls without virtual machine security the organization exposes itself to data breaches.

    SMARTECH delivers virtual machine security solutions to enable your security to maintain organized information security throughout your organization from the virtual environment and public cloud.

    With SMARTECH security solutions, you can regulate the privileged users and admins access especially in a multi-tenant environment.


    Email encryption:

    Email remains one of the most convenient ways to communicate and share the information but considering the business security, an email encryption service is mandatory for any business sharing their sensitive data. While sharing customer records or any financial data with contacts, the user required to encrypt email for security. Email Encryption services provide a critical layer of security to business from malware, viruses and data hackers.

    SMARTECH provides user-friendly, cloud-based email encryption service with no admin burden or installation requirements simplifying encryption for user and email recipients.

    Data Exchange easily integrates with:

    • MS Outlook
    • Google Apps
    • Office 365



    Tokenization is the process of turning sensitive data into random string characters called “token” that has no meaningful value if breached.

    Once the Tokenization is deployed the data generates the tokens executes and stores the token and corresponding the original data and allowing the de-tokenization when substitute the original value for the token. The tokenization process helps to reduce the scope of compliance audits e.g. customer credit card number.

    Tokenization is applied to structured sensitive data across virtual and public cloud. Data type tokenization including primary account number, payment system, and big data environment no change is required to application, database or legacy system.

    SMARTECH Business Systems provides a method of combining both Encryption and Tokenization technologies to offer organizations options for better security, compliance and data privacy beyond traditional approaches. Tokenization forms upon encryption by replacing sensitive data with tokens.


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