EDI(Electronic Data Interchange)

    What is EDI?

    EDI is an automated method for exchanging business documents with external entities electronically, rather than using paper document. With EDI the Information moves directly from a computer application in one organization to an application in another organization that does businesses together.

    Businesses use Edi to integrate and share arrange of document types-from purchase order to invoices and more. These organizations are mostly trading partners that exchange the goods and services frequently as part of their supply chains and business-to-business network.

    An Overview of EDI

    Documents flow directly from the sender’s system application (e.g. a logistics system) to the receiver’s system application.

    Manual Process

    Automated EDI

    All the EDI transactions are defined by EDI message standards. The many organization defines the EDI message standards, Including ANSI, EDIFACT, GSI, X12 (ASC X12), TRADACOMS. The EDI includes HTTPS –based secure File transfer protocol.

    EDI data is made up of data elements such as sender ID and receiver ID. The data combines two or more elements to give the correct information, FNAME and LNAME can form CUSTOMER NAME for example. When the data or information is missing or wrongly placed the EDI will not be processed. The most common documents exchanged via EDI are a purchase order, Invoices and advance ship notice, but there is many, many other such as a bill of lading, customs documents, inventory documents, shipping status documents, and payment documents.

    The Benefits of EDI

    Reduce the Errors: EDI ensures the information (or) data is formatted before it enters the business process or application.

    Fast Processing and Low Cost: EDI enables transactions in minutes instead of days or weeks spent on email communication. EDI eliminates costly errors due to lost orders or incorrectly taken phone orders.

    Positive Customer Experience: Enables efficient transaction execution and reliable product and service delivery.

    Document Analytics: Get a detailed report of your document, send automatic reminders if your documents have not been opened on time. Ease to access all the past documents.

    SMARTECH will provide a web portal that matches your branding. The documents are securely hosted in our data center. The payment gateway is integrated so the clients pay the invoice online. The interaction with trading partner or customer is really important, will provide document tracking services where you can send the automated reminders if the documents are not opened its save your organization time and money.

    SMARTECH EDI makes communication stress-free with your Trading partners

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