Email Marketing Services

    Create a Clean and Professional Email Marketing Campaign.

    SMARTECH email marketing platform is completely easy to create, send and measure the impact of email marketing campaigns.

    Send stunning emails to stay in front of your audience and offer exactly what they want to see.

    Easy to Use

    Our Drag and drop email builder is radically easy to design a unique that matches your brand. No coding required!! Hundreds of beautiful, modern email templates are available to create a stunning email that matches your brand.

    Customize completely

    With our email builder, you can customize over all the aspects of your email with exact fonts and color to match your brand.


    With our email builder, your emails are optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet. So your emails look great on every device and you can also preview and test before sending.

    Personalized Email

    To engage people with your email personalization is really important. You can personalize your email based on any contact information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your email looks more personal.

    Send at the Best Time

    The personalization and content are very important for marketing emails and newsletters. But if your emails are never opened, the content will have little effect. To optimize the open and click-through rates of your emails, you need to choose the best send time so your customers actually see your message.

    Monitor your performance

    Assess open rates, Click-through rates, and deliverability, which are key performance pointers that are indispensable for determining the success of your campaign. SMARTECH provides you a detailed analysis through:

    Monitor the number of openers and clickers for each your campaign

    Indeed track the number of clicks and opens your email generated.  Analyze your key performance indicators to find any areas for improvement. Get detailed statistics covering all aspects. Get detailed statics of covering all aspects of your email campaign performance a clear overview of your campaign results.

    Know where the openers and clickers are in the world

    Analyze the geographical locations of all the individuals who opened your emails and clicked your links, no matter they are. Compare results with the target and goals you’ve defined.

    Social Media Integration

    With Smartech Email Marketing Platform it’s easy. You can directly post your email newsletter to Facebook, Twitter, Google++ and other social media platforms.

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