Working From Home: Data Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe.

Data Security involves the protection of confidential business information from unauthorised individuals and groups. Unfortunately data disasters occur more often than many believe, and the ways they are carried out continue to evolve and increase in complexity.

As a global security solution provider for leading corporations, protecting your sensitive data is one of our top priorities – and it should be yours too.  With data evolving into more of an asset than ever before, we’ve compiled our top 4 data security tips – keeping your business safe while working from home.

1. Conduct an Access Audit.

With 54% of business data security breaches caused internally (either accidental or intentional) it comes as no surprise that carrying out an access audit is our first data security tip.

Preventing unauthorised access to business databases, servers, files and communications can be achieved through data wipes, and account suspensions. Employee head-counts and daily tasks are rapidly evolving as a result of COVID-19, an access audit ensures employees only have access to information related to their daily tasks.

Access control protects data from accidental internal breaches and external phishing scams. For this reason alone, Smartech’s data and cyber security solutions allow for businesses to regulate “privileged” users and admin access, particularly important for multi-tenant environments.

If employees are working from home, with access to the same dashboard or server conducting an access audit is an essential, prevention-first solution.

2. Build a complete encryption portfolio.

An  access audit will ensure your employee database and  is up to date, and that the right people have access to the right information – Encryption comes in to ensure that this information, once in the right hands, stays there.

The shift from regular offices to new “work-from-home” models has seen an increase in the number of devices employees use, and the software downloaded onto them. New technologies and communication platforms are advertised everyday with the rising need for them often silencing any data concerns.

Data encryption should be at the forefront of any businesses data security plans as we experience this increase in opportunities for data exposure.  Data that is not properly managed and secured becomes a businesses greatest liability. Therefore the right encryption model offers organisations better security, compliance measurement and data privacy options that extend beyond traditional methods.

Smartech Business Systems offers a complete business encryption portfolio for your business, that provides protection for sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle.

This includes:

  • Application Encryption
  • Database Encryption
  • File Encryption
  • Virtual Machine Encryption
  • Email Encryption
  • Tokenisation

A great first step into a complete encryption model is ensuring any new software introduced to business as a result of COVID-19 isn’t blindly implemented without stringent data security investigations.

3. Include Mobile Security in Data Protection Plans.  

It is not uncommon for businesses to critically consider their unique operations when providing or recommending particular Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus solutions or strategies to employees

Businesses should now also consider the likelihood of employees using their personal devices when accessing business resources from home.

Malware – short for malicious software is software designed to harm your computer or personal device, it can present itself in email attachments links and even websites. Some forms of malware masquerade as “good” applications suggested to protect your computer and network. Sourcing malware protection from legitimate providers and online stores eliminates the risk of accidentally downloading hazardous files and exposing sensitive business data.

It’s easy to develop a false sense of security in our own homes, leaving our devices open and in communal spaces. It’s important to remember that securing devices and company data is both a digital and physical consideration.

4. Continue to train and upskill employees. 

The ways data focused scams and attacks are carried out continue to increase in complexity. As criminal tactics evolve, so too should employee training. A trained and informed employee has better chances at identifying fraudulent emails and requests, particularly when training is updated to include common COVID scams.

This also expands to include making it easier for employees to access technical support when they are working from home. A Microsoft report on “Global Tech Support Scams” highlighted that tech support scammers (criminals pretending to offer tech support by creating a fake digital security threats) most often request consumers to download software or visit a specific website.


Incorporating these 4 carefully selected data security tips into your overall cyber/digital security plans can improve the safety of your business while employees continue to work from home. 

Smartech Business Systems is a global security solution provider for leading corporations, financial institutions, health providers and government agencies, who need to protect the sensitive data they deal with.

Contact us today to start your data security journey.

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